Super Moon brings new landings


Holy Cow what a year it has been!


And yes, I have to reiterate ‘YEAR’’s been nearly a year since my last post which is SHAMEFUL. PATHETIC. REMARKABLE.


So I’m pushing the restart button on basically everything in my life right now. Go big or go dead.


Activating a new blog theme was among the first steps. Our impending move out to California lies on the next month’s horizons, so blame on this weekend’s super moon or the fact that I accept mass change often in my life, I am really attacking new adventures in my life.


Taking a new, “big girl” job as the administrator of a school, moving 2,000 miles from the area I’ve always called home and now the undertaking of a new, entrepreneurial endeavor. I have very recently started training to become an Arbonne consultant.


Now those of you that know me well, know that this is VERY out of character for me to pursue! I have never seen myself as a “salesperson” and honestly I don’t really consider this whole new career move as ‘sales’ per say. I really went into this with the efforts of stretching my comfort zone and meeting new people. I want this move to be a true commitment, financially and personally. We have moved far away before and moved back because we never really let ourselves immerse and meet people. Moving to a state with 38 million people, I don’t want to be one of just the masses. I really want to connect and start making a difference.


My ultimate goal is to open my own Montessori school. I always thought that would be YEARS off, that I would teach for a decade or so, then become an admin and then, when the time and money were right, I could venture onto my own.

Well, I taught for 2 years, got promoted to Vice Principal in 1 interview and am now at the shores of this financial possibility of being able to fund my own school through another “side” job…WHAT!?!?


So, I am asking of you, dear BLOG viewers, to support me in these new “roberta” goals. Help me by hosting a spa party (you get free stuff!), tell your family and friends about the benefits Arbonne can provide to them and name drop me if possible. This new adventure is TERRIFYING for me, to jump out of my comfort zone but in the end really still doing what I do best: educating people about great things.


Want more info? I’m always a call away!

Arbonne Scam


About imogen.ius

Fashioned from my mother, my skill set to this planet is vast. Innumerable occupations, fervor for learning and teaching, intrinsic desire to keep moving. My shark-like tendencies disallow my ability to stop creating..

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