wow has it been a while! so nearly 3 full months since a post on here, but good reasoning behind it all. much of my free time has been spent with friends new and old, school related functions and of course my almost 3 yr old. I currently wearily type from my lower bunk in the Sycamores Cabin. yes, I, the “indoor kid”, am at camp….and loving it. I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments and efforts I have put forth this week at Nature’s Classroom in Mukwonago. I think I surprised my student most by encouraging races up “suicide hill”, having them drag me to my bunk room and FULLY participating in ‘camouflage’ .  This indoor kid has a renewed sense of spirit and energy. I honestly never thought I would be CHOOSING to do the types of things I have. Not limited to: 3 hour trail hikes/RUNS; picking off ticks from myself AND others; chasing a dog through the marsh; playing poison darts, camouflage and froggie; scream running; solo night hikes in the dark with no flashlights; eating pine needles; scooping out Chlorella from the lake; creating sculptures from fallen branches covered in millipedes.

I have never run this much in my life. I really never considered myself much of any sort of athlete yet alone CHOOSE to run nor RACE children UP STEEP HILLS COVERED IN GRAVEL. I suppose i never give myself enough credit that i can do the things I want. Now knowing this, and seeing that there indeed is an adventurer inside of me, I just might be able to ACTUALLY camp and do Devil’s Lake again…possibly. I know damn well though that this teacher can hold her own with any Nature Retreat staff and there really is a crunchy hippy inside me…


i think im ready to move to utah..


About imogen.ius

Fashioned from my mother, my skill set to this planet is vast. Innumerable occupations, fervor for learning and teaching, intrinsic desire to keep moving. My shark-like tendencies disallow my ability to stop creating..

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