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rippled stems and Rothko apples


long time, no post…


well we have officially moved in, officially have interweb status and school is officially underway! Potty training is officially becoming the bane of my existence, i officially hate strawberry shortcake movies and i am officially going to cook my 1st artichoke tonight.. i feel like i need a badge for all this business.


Kenie’s first few weeks of school have gone…..well….they’ve gone. starting on a friday is never good, having a day off the second day of school is recipe for poor structure at home, getting sick the 3rd day of school never helps, and a bladder infection the 5th day of school to boot! then another sick day and finally a “full” week.. Other than being on the brink of expulsion, potty issues have become, well, an issue. i think we are finally on the down slide of the have 5 accidents in our pants a day and make the teachers at school insane with urine. This weekend has been full of good ol structured pee pee time. and its been going well. even to the point that i forgot to put a pull up on her last night, and at some point she peed and didnt cry or get out of bed. now if we could just convince her to nap for 45 min at school like everyone else, our evenings wouldnt be so…tumultuous. school is a big long ordeal for a 2 yr old. and by 4pm she is totally wiped out. that 30 min nap in the car home just does her NO justice and by the time we get home, get fed, get bathed and get calmed down..well in actuality she’s still a hot mess. but its a work in progress…


things are calming down for me as teacher as well. getting excited to gear up the year, teaching chemistry (yikes.) hopefully anatomy, my daily music lessons and in the next month undergoing a Craft for Hope program at school. If you havent heard of Craft Hope, its a blog started by a woman that wanted to use her powers of crafting for world good. I bought her project book and was in tears thinking of how my inspirations can build a classroom of believers and pass on the gift of learning. Needless to say theres some kinks to be worked out, charities and projects to be designed, but Craft for Hope is my school year pet project….in addition to the 3000 other things that occupy my day and my mind… which drives adam nuts!


lots of changes on the horizon of this year..and i think im finally at a place to face them all. still looking into schools and trying to make an educated decision about all that mess.


Minneapolis was killer last weekend. Halloween Alaska is one of the greatest collections of noise makers on the planet. and the gift to be in a room overlooking their genius was much needed and welcomed.


I’d really like to get back to making things and posting my work here and on etsy..but all things come with time. and right now i cant neglect that crisp autumn gas brushing my fingertips. ive already purchased pomegranates, cider and artichokes. bring on fall!



If you’d like to track our Craft for Hope work, keep contacts here and *hopefully* we will be able to set up a site for my students’ progress!