Monthly Archives: July 2011

gardens of hope


finally some good news about school! (ie MY personal schooling)


Yes, i have to do MORE schooling to finish up this montessori certification stuff..but i finally found a program with some real credentials that will feasibly work for me and my family AND satisfy the “get a certification” rule.


now to come up with $7200 by february….



on a less lighter note…the ghosts of this apartment are making it impossible to finish packing our shit up. IMPOSSIBLE.

though i sincerely thank the Bauers for taking makena’lei for a few days so we can have some uninterrupted packing/moving time…now if only Bernie would cooperate..just wait he might end up on your front porch tonight..



i have a recent obsession with reading blogs. i never thought it would happen but there are some seriously creative and talented people out there (many of whom live in UT, is it trend or something pulling me there even more) so check the blogroll as i add more and more of my comrades.


supressing the need to make something has been hard in this bomb of an apartment. cant wait to have space to create again and get some stuff up online for YOU all to buy?? or just drool over.





halloween costume ideas?

more on the creating front, in addition to rings i will also be featuring “cowls”. Can be made to suit, generally single loop with button closures but can be adapted to taste!

this is an xtra large cowl that covers some of the shoulder, most are 8-16in in height, but again vary..

chaos creation


it is a verified truth that my desire to create come purely from the portion of my soul that contains the control freak. i have the largest creative urges when i look around at a disastrous home, overbooked planner, and innumerable fears

here are a few creations of the month of chaos…


when you have days where things seem grayer than they should be…


shoot yourself over to and remind yourself that all efforts no matter the greatness, can keep this maddening world spinning.



i guess i’m just mourning the fact that i do not have an infinite amount of travels money to just jetset to my favorite shows, see family or mental rest. i think its the horizon falling swiftly into the pile of rubble that is our home. i just really hate packing up.


full moons


will there ever be a day where i can have a peaceful 6 hours to just sit and create. in a place that isnt hounded with dolls and crayons (unless i choose them), no whining dogs, traffic, deadlines. just a place where i can sprawl and leave work lay.


i know my career path doesnt allow such novelties, and it wont be until my kid is in school full days that i could even consider “creative sprawl” but the dream that it could be true….