Monthly Archives: May 2011

dirty south.


once again reminded of how glad I am to have moved back to the north. I love to visit my family, but the memory of these pothole dirt roads perforated with trailer parks just sets off my natural inclination to flee.

i do love the fact it is projected to be 90degrees this weekend, watching my daughter have free roam of 8,000 square feet and the deck. the simplicity of fake compress wood linear layered just reeks of summer. many  a hot day and tepid night have been spent in conversation on the decks. and that is beautiful.

watching my kid learn how to play is exquisite. we so often forget how to teach an abstract skill like pretend. but somehow she has picked up the subtleties of inflection, fake phone conversations and “cooking pancakes” for her own baby. i’d like to bottle this memory and sell it at boutiques for far too much money.

speaking of overpriced goods,¬† the etsy shop is coming along. once back in lake country I’ll be getting GOOD photos of my work to post and getting the funds together to get it up in the shop. but more to come.

have a relaxing and UNPLUGGED holiday weekend.


its been a while


a lot has happened in the last week..

i got a teaching job for next year at Racine Montessori School, which i am getting more and more excited for by the day. The perk of having Kenie come to school too is priceless in so many ways.

Her party is coming along, of course today it has been blue skies, cool breezes and warm sun. i almost forget im not on the coast..and the forcast for tomorrow: 70% chance of thunderstorms and in the upper 60’s…thats the wisconsin spring I remember. which blows. since there will be 20 sardines brine packed in this tin apartment. but not much can ruin the birthday balloon grin on that kid’s face.and that makes it all worth it.

Having to rethink some vacation plans for the future as well as ya know…MY WHOLE LIFE plan..

just when i start to get some sanity another bend in the tightrope life. I am taking a 1 yr contract, so by jan/feb, i will really know what my bigger plan is. for now trying to enjoy “summer” break, get the travels in, plan for next years curriculum, get my ass in gear on etsy, play with Kenie, learn to SUP, ya know, just a few things..

i will post photos of the “olivia” party, which i do admit is really cute. i made a big olivia cut out to stand up on the table, some handmade birthday bunting and had to sacrifice 3 balloons in the process of it all, but she loves it.

now off to make some cake balls. yeah you read that correctly.

is it really friday?


the internet is against me today, in all capacities…

As the din of my daughter’s blood curdling “no nap” scream lulls my fingers across the keys, I force myself to remember that phases are always in motion. Sleepless warm nights make you think about things with less clarity and more action to get past them and into slumber.

Still trying to plan and organize Kenie’s 2nd birthday next week. Its impossible that another year has already passed. I really never thought time would drift by at white water rapid speed, especially when I was 1 crick away from being a paraplegic trying to raise a 2 month old. Those moments seemed endless, and now looking back it was just a small sliver of the flashbulb that currently presides. I know all parents must feel this way, and in many cases new offspring are produced to reconnect with the love of having a little one. Not me. not now at least. i couldnt even imagine attempting to have 2 of those things running around my heels.

(((though i should watch what I say, because as my track record shows, the moment a make a committment that involves giant life aspects, those plans are quickly altered by reality’s force; ie. the 1st kid, all of my jobs, relocations, etc)))

umbrella me.stat.


so when it rains it pours…Just when my efforts to re-evaluate my planetary existence unfold, i am tossed another chainsaw to juggle. Without divulging too much detail over the interweb, lets just say some offers have been, lots of things have been thought over and discussed and some decisions await my approval.

It’s funny to think that again, just as I take the reigns of my future, the future unfolds before I can catch a breath. Maybe its the final arrival of a new season, maybe its secret wishes I’ve given for months on end. All in all, things need some clarity.

You may still reach out to my creative forces via this rambling roll, but I suppose my efforts will be less carnivorous in the coming months. I have short deadlines that loom and my inability to commit is boiling the pot over…

saddle up


Getting started on a project is like motivating yourself to do crunches during commercial breaks. You have every intention and then brain flake once the time comes. I am attempting to catalog all the creative things I do, all the pieces I’ve made over the last decade, each article and its respective category. This is a DAUNTING task. Just when I think the list can’t expand, I go on etsy and remember other things I’ve done, or come across old photos of pieces. To open up shop requires me to know ALL the things I can do, thus hustling you to buy my stuff..The plight of a salesman. which I am not. Even as I write this, I am conversing with a pal over just how bad of a salesperson I am. Sure I’ve worked in a variety of retail-ish jobs, but even then I wouldn’t press people to “up” their drink size or add a muffin. If you want something, you ask for it. Plain and simple. If I have what you want, I will offer it, but never will I force it upon you.

So in this valiant effort to compile my life’s work, I also need to find a way to organize it (which I do INCREDIBLY well). No pain, no glory.